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You know that piece of clothing they always wear. Whether it's a worn pink tutu or a gray hoodie, it is their "go to" piece of clothing. You have to peel it off their body just to wash it every so often and get the stink out. It's important to capture the memory of that time in their lives.

My sister used to wear this bright yellow sweatsuit to school everyday for an entire school year. We're talking the bright yellow one from the 80's with a crazy neon design on the front of it. My mom was convinced it was going to fuse to her body one day. And then, she woke up on a random Tuesday, and put something different on, the sweatsuit abandoned and forgotten. The thing is though, when I think back to my sister when she was little, the mental image I get is of her in that sweatsuit. 

So, when doing your portraits, consider not fighting to get them all dressed up. Let them be who they are right now, gray hoodie and all. (Or in Casey's case, too small, ugly, red, fleece jacket) It represents them at that age and later you will be looking for pictures of them in their garment of choice. 

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