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As a photographer, one of the things I am obsessed with is light- how to control it, how to manipulate it and how to use it to my advantage. It is the key component in any picture. A lot of the photos I take are outdoors, in natural light and there are several things we can do to manipulate the light or work with it so it's to our benefit. 

To some extent, I try to schedule my portrait sessions around the best light, but weddings are harder because the main goal is not great light for your pictures, it's the timing of churches and wedding reception halls, so the formal pictures aren't usually taken at the ideal time for light. Every once in a while though, you luck out and the time period you have for pictures takes place during the "Golden Hour" or the last hour before the sun sets. 

This particular wedding was the perfect storm of lighting and setting. We had fall foliage, right on the river at Golden Hour. It was truly a dream to shoot. 

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