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Things I Love- Coffee

Posted on February 16, 2016 16:41 by Suzanne Freeman

There is nothing like the smell of brewing coffee. It's like the promise of warm creamy goodness. I could drink coffee 24-7, though I try not to drink it after about 8pm or I'll be up all night. Coffee is what fuels me. It's the reason I manage to get up out of bed every morning. I am inherently a night owl, but with two kids that have to get on the bus by 6:50am, that's not a possibility for me. 

My first experience with coffee was when I was little and I'd come home after school to my grandmother's house. She'd be having her coffee with one of those Stella Doro S shaped cookies. I think they were called "Breakfast Treats". She'd give me a cookie and let me dunk it in her coffee. (Because they were too hard to eat without dunking) I remember her saying, "I just need a little something sweet with my coffee". Besides dunking my cookie, I had never really cared for the taste of coffee back then. 

Then I went to college. The summer between my Sophomore and Junior year I got a job working in a coffee shop on the Atlantic City boardwalk from 6pm to 3am. I also had a 9-5 office job. So, by about 9pm, I needed something to keep me going. I didn't like the taste of coffee, but we made lattes, so I tried that first. LOTS of milk and LOTS of sugar. Gradually, I put in less milk and sugar and more coffee. Now I take my coffee with cream and a little bit of sugar. I've come a long way. 

My favorite types of coffee are the organic, small batch, fair trade (and all those other pretentious words) coffees. Yes, it sounds snooty, but they taste amazing and I hope that they really are paying the farmers better. I also still love the frilly foo foo lattes. Pumpkin Spice Lattes from Starbucks are my all time favorite. You will see me start to get antsy towards the beginning of September every year when they are getting ready to release them again. Being born on Halloween, pumpkin is just in my blood. 

I'm not a coffee snob though. As much as I love the expensive stuff, I'll drink the cheap stuff too. :) It may just need a little extra love added to make it potable. Now, I've officially become my grandmother. I yelled at my husband the other day for trying to eat my Girl Scout cookies that I had squirreled away. I said, "You know I like to have something sweet with my afternoon coffee!" It's come full circle and I think fondly of my grandmother as I dunk my shortbread cookie into my organic fair trade coffee. 

Here's a short coffee video I made. Enjoy!

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