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At almost every wedding I've been to, when it comes time for the bride to toss the bouquet, every single woman is out on the floor, elbowing each other for room and waiting for the chance to catch it. That is not the case for the Garter Toss. Although, it is the same at almost every wedding I have shot. 

So the concept is simple, the groom gathers all his single friends and tosses the garter to one of them, signifying they are the next to be married. The first issue is that none of the single men want to come up. The DJ and the groom is yelling out specific names by the end, begging them to come forward to participate. In the end, about 3-4 men begrudgingly, make their way to the dance floor to await their fate. 

Then the groom takes his place all ready to throw the garter.

Garter Toss pictures

None of the guys catch it. Ever. 

NJ Garter Toss pictures

They stand there and stare at it as if they will catch a disease if they touch it. 
Garter Toss photography

Then they all punch each other in the arm daring one of the 3 men brave enough to pick it up. 

NJ Wedding Photography

Finally, some guy puts an end to it and picks up the garter while the other guys make fun of him unmercifully. 

That, my friends, is the sad story of nearly every garter toss I've shot. 

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