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Recently, I went on a photo walk with a group of photographers in Philadelphia, PA. All summer, I've been dying to get to the Spruce Street Harbor Park to take pictures. The park is lit with multi-colored LED lights in the trees and they change colors. There are hammocks for people to lounge in, fountains and eating areas. It's just a really cool scene at night. 

I grabbed my tripod and camera and headed out to practice some long exposure photography. When we got there, not only were there lights in the trees, but there was a guy swinging two lighted balls in the middle of all the lighted trees. I was so excited! 

Here are some of the shots I got. 

Art of Long Exposure at Spruce Street Harbor Park in Philly, PA

Art of Long Exposure Philly, PA

Spruce Street Harbor Park in Philly, PA

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