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Santa came early to the Milkboy in Philly last night. Caleb Hawley rocked the place once again with his usual mix of soulful crooning and 80's-esque dance beats. 

He opened the set with a new song called "Pieces on the Inside". It was reminiscent of Prince and was very upbeat and easy to dance to. 

There were some mic issues early on (hence Caleb's walrus look below) but the band played on. It was actually pretty cool because while the techs were trying to fix the issue, the guys all jammed out. It felt like you were in their living room just hanging out listening to them do their thing. Caleb's onstage charisma carried through and kept us entertained. 

Then it was time for a Christmas song, complete with presents from Caleb Klaus being tossed out into the audience. 

His set ended on an upbeat note with Bada Boom, Bada Bling, which is always a crowd favorite, and wrapped with Give it Away. 
Check out Caleb's music here: and see him tonight at the Mercury Lounge in New York City. Grab tickets here:

Pat Firth giving us a little old school rap

Brian Killeen- Bass playing rapper. 

Caleb getting athletic on stage. 

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