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Want a beach wedding? Here's a timing tip for you- schedule it later in the day. We all picture our beach wedding portraits being on a lonely beach with just the waves lapping on the sand and our loved ones surrounding us. In reality, 2pm on a Saturday in the summer means there are a ton of half dressed people all over the beach. Yes, knowing the right place on the beach to go for portraits and the presence of a wedding dress sometimes means that people will cooperate and stay out of your shot, but not always 

Not only that, but 2pm means the sun is RIGHT THERE and there is no shade on the beach. Doing the wedding later will mean a 5-6pm portrait window. People are going home for the day to eat dinner and the sun is lower in the sky, meaning you won't all be squinting. Doing it later also means you can pose with the lifeguard's boat without them glaring at you. 

Here are some shots from a wedding I did in Ocean City, NJ last year. 

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