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When I set about to form my business and think of a name and a motto, it was hard. I didn't want something that sounded cheesey or fake. I asked myself, "What is it I want to accomplish by taking pictures?" After so thought and consideration, I came up with Capturing Life's Moments. 

Life passes us by so fast and there are moments that are fleeting that we wish we could have documented or paid more attention to, or relive. By capturing some of those moments, you have them to look at and enjoy for a lifetime. 

I had one of those moments this weekend. My oldest son is turning 14 this July and I am slowly watching him transform from a boy into a young man. When I compare him to my nephews, who are 4 and 8 months old, it's even more of a stark contrast. He asked me if he could feed my 8 month old nephew, so I showed him how to do it and supervised while he fed him. I couldn't help but give pause to the fact that it seemed like only yesterday that I was feeding my oldest in his high chair and now there he was, feeding my nephew. 

I grabbed my camera and snapped a few pictures. Are they portraits? No. Are they beautifully crafted images? No. If he knew I was taking them, he'd have protested. So, even with all the stuff cluttering the background, I captured this moment. The best part of these pictures? My son's mouth as he is feeding the baby. We all do it. 

My point is, these are the important things in life. Yes, it's nice to have that perfectly composed shot of your kids, but it's just as important to capture life's moments sometimes too. 

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