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You have to love Frat guys...

Posted on April 29, 2008 20:13 by Bellemorephoto  

I'm biased though, I married a frat guy. In fact, that's how I got this job. He went down to visit the guys from his fraternity at our alma mater- Stockton College in Pomona, NJ. The guys of Alpha Phi Delta hadn't been able to get a composite photo this year and there was very little time left in the semester to get one taken. The lightbulb went off in my husband, Scott's, head. He handed Rich my business card and within a week I was down at Stockton again taking their portraits.

What a great group of guys. They made me laugh thinking of my college days though. Their fraternity color is purple, so they had 4 purple dress shirts between the 20 of them and were switching off in between photos. It was actually a lot of fun even though I was up way past my 32 year old mom bedtime. They will hopefully spread the word on campus next year and I'll get some business from some of their fellow fraternities and sororities next year.

Here's one of the group shots I managed to get. Most of them are looking at me and no one seems to be making a bad gesture....


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