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Top 10 Places to Take Portraits

Posted on November 27, 2013 16:04 by Bellemorephoto

A lot of people are opting out of the traditional portrait studio type photos and opting for more creative portraits. This often includes outdoor locations or their own home. Here's a quick list of some of the cool places to have your portrait taken. 


 10. A Local Park

   There's no more accessible place to take portraits than your local park. You are probably familiar with it from taking walks there, playing sports or attending a local concert in the summer. You can easily guide your photographer to your favorite spots and it looks different depending on the time of the year. Best of all? It's usually free to shoot there.  


9.  A Vineyard

 Like wine? How about beautiful lanscapes covered in vines and grapes? Some vineyards are open to the public and will allow you to take pictures ontheir property as long as you are respectful and don't touch the vines. Even without grapes on the vine, they make a nice backdrop for elegant portraits. 



8.  On the Boardwalk

  Ah the boardwalk in the summer! It's a bustling, busy destination with tourists everywhere. However, if you use the right lens and angle, you can capture all of the hustle and bustle of the boardwalk without the actual tourists in focus. 
7.  On the Beach

  From the boardwalk, you can head to the beach. Avoid the bright light of midday by heading there about an hour or two before sunset. Doing this will also ensure a less crowded beach as the bulk of the beach goers are headed home for dinner by then. Or, if you are a morning person, head there around dawn to capture the sunrise over the ocean. 


6.  On a Bridge

  Bridges make for a very interesting background. If you can get the water or a waterfall in the shot, it's even better. Sometimes you can position yourself on the bridge and the photographer can take the shot from one of the banks. But standing on the actual bridge with the photographer also lends itself to some intersting pictures.


7. In Front of a National Landmark

  Who doesn't love an iconic National Landmark? Why not have your portraits done in front of one? The only downside to this is that you are usually required to get a permit to shoot there and it may cost you a small fee. Also, you are restricted to certain times you can be there. But, the end result is a portrait of national significance. 


6.  In Front of Your own Christmas Tree

  Why go to a portrait studio in the mall, during the holiday season, in front of a fake backdrop with a Christmas tree printed on it when you can have your portrait done in your own home with your own tree? Your tree makes for a more meaningful Christmas portrait. Also, this allows friends and relatives that can't visit to see your tree. 


5.  In Your Backyard

This option is particularly good for those with young children. You can go out in your backyard and let them run around and play with their toys. The result is less crying, less stress and beautiful candid shots. This is a great option for anyone though,especially if you are having a gathering of family or friends and just want some great portraits without dragging everyone out to the mall.  

5. In a Public Garden

  Not a green thumb? Me neither! Public gardens are a perfect option then. They have seasonal foliage and everything is perfectly manicured. You may have to pay a small enttry fee for you and your photographer. This particular photo was taken at a sculpture garden in Hamilton, NJ. 


4.  During a Party

  This is a great option for getting portraits taken of friends or family that are not able to get out to a central location or portraits studio. Have the photographer come to your party. Set aside an half hour to an hour and get various group and individual portraits taken. The guests may then purchase prints from the photographer later from home once the pictures are available. 


3.  In a Pile of Leaves/In the Grass

  The best part about Fall or Spring portraits is capturing the elements that are great about that season. Go to a park, your backyard or anywhere that has the elements you need. In the fall, rake together a pile of leaves and let the kids jump in it. In the spring, the kids can lay in the newly green grass. 


2.  On a Horse

  Have a favorite family pet? Include them in the picture! In this case, the pet was a horse, but you can include your cat, dog, bunny or hamster too! 



1. In the Air

  The internet is wonderful and has given people access to a plethora of fun portrait ideas. Pintrest and Instagram are great apps for browsing through to get ideas. Talk to your photographer about trying out some of these fun poses. It helps if you have a willing group of people to try them out too. This is one of my favorite wedding photos. And we did it in just three takes! 

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