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Spring Photo Craft Ideas

Posted on February 15, 2009 09:38 by Bellemorephoto

If your kids are anything like mine, they are getting a bit punchy from being inside all winter. With these cold temperatures, it's not always possible to get outside, but you can switch things up a bit with some neat crafts. Even boys will like this one because it involves painting glue! Plus, the craft can be given to friends and relatives as a gift.

Photo Flower Pot

You can make this in a few different variations: real flowers or silk flowers and foam flower photo frames or wire picture holders. You start with a basic terra cotta flower pot. Paint the pot with a base coat of craft paint in any color. Cut out pictures of the kids to affix to the flower pot. Using craft glue, glue the pictures to the flower pot. You can also embellish the flower pot with stickers and painted designs. Once all the decorations have been glued or painted on, water down some of the craft glue and apply a top coat with a foam sponge brush over the pictures and designs. You can also use decoupage medium that you find at the craft store. Let the pot dry beforre putting any flowers in it.

Once the pot is dry, you can add floral foam in the pot and create a silk flower arrangement. Or you can put a live plant in the pot, like pansies or a geranium. Leave the plant in the pot it came in and just slip the decorated pot over it. To make the picture holders, you can use floral wire and curl over the end to form a paper clip holder or you can buy metal picture holders from the craft store. To see the full directions, refer to the kodak website:


picture pot

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