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Rutger in Red

Posted on June 24, 2008 20:00 by Bellemorephoto  

Fairmount Park, Pennsylvania. I had no idea that the horticultural center there was so beautiful. My friend, Sue, recommended it as the site for our portrait shoot for her son, Rutger. I brought my son, Dillon, along as well since the boys know each other. The park had a great gazebo, a long fountain, rows of manicured trees and some really old, cool looking trees. Oh yeah, there were also flowering bushes and small gardens, but we were with two little boys so the trees and the water were the highlights for them.

One of the newer trends in portraits is to take a black and white picture, but to have one or two main elements in color. For example, in a wedding picture, you'd have the bride's bouquet in color and everything around it in black and white. In Rutger's case, I chose to keep his shirt in color. The effect is very dramatic and Sue loved it. 

Rutger is so vibrant and full of life and it was an absolute pleasure to take his picture. He's a very willing subject, which is not like most 5 year old boys. I thought I'd share one of Sue's favorite pictures. You have to love his hair and his smile.

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