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Portrait Parties

Posted on January 7, 2013 20:41 by Bellemorephoto


Would you like to host a Portrait Party?

Think of a Portrait Party like a “Play Date” or “Dinner Party” with a professional photographer and everything needed for amazing portraits…

These sessions give everyone a custom portrait experience with Bellemore Photography without the larger investment of a full custom session AND the opportunity to catch up with friends!

Email me at for more information.  



* want professional photos taken of their children or themselves
* have always wanted to try a “themed” session
* want a fun way to bond with girlfriends


A portrait party is an event hosted in your home or a nearby location (parks are great!) where Bellemore Photography  will take professional portraits for you and your friends during a 20 minute mini-sessions.


Portrait Parties are hosted by one person who provides the location, coordinates the guest list and schedules the sessions in 20 minute intervals.Hosts get a free photo session for hosting a Bellemore Photography Portrait Party. In addition, you receive a $10 print credit (or credit towards a session CD) for every person who commits (10 guests = $100!) Parties must have a minimum of 8 families booked.

Each guest pays a reduced-rate portrait fee of $75 which includes the following (note: Hosts get all this free!):

·         One 20 minute custom photo session of up to 5 people

·         5 prints of their choice


First, make out a potential guest list. We require at least 8 families (including the host family) to participate in the parties with a maximum of 15. Discuss dates with your guests to see which dates will work best for all of you. Think of the best location (Spring & Summer sunshine make parks and backyards work lovely but I have a “Portable Studio” for use in your home). Once your date is set, you can put together an invitation to be delivered either by postal mail, email, using evites or by creating an event on Facebook .



Encourage your guests to bring hats, fairy wings, princess crowns, wonder-woman & superman outfits, bubbles, hula-hoops and any other props that they would like to use to make their photos memorable of their child’s unique stage of life. Bellemore Photography will coordinate and supply the backdrop (if necessary) for the BEST experience for you and your guests!
Play with Themes

As wide open as your imagination! Here are some suggestions:

·         Superheroes (check out Little Heroes Capes)

·         Father’s Day gifts & Mother’s Day gifts

·         Princesses & Pirates

·         Tea Party

·         Holidays (Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, 4th of July)

Tips for a Successful Host

·         Have snacks (it keeps the little ones busy who are waiting for their turn). You can provide snacks yourself or do it potluck style have everyone bring a little something to share.

·         Schedule your guests’ sessions for 20 minutes with a 10 minute gap to reset props and get the next participant in place. Schedule them consecutively so there aren’t any gaps (i.e. 10, 10:20, 10:40, etc). Let your guests know they aren’t required to stay the whole time.

·         Remind your guests a week in advance of the event.

Once you have your guest list complete, email it to me along with each guest’s PayPal email address so I can invoice and receive payment for the $75 mini-session fee. Payment for the mini-sessions must be paid in full at least 14-days prior to the party.  If guests want to order additional  prints, albums or custom cards, you can let them know they can order directly from me. 

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