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Carrie's Family

Posted on August 10, 2008 14:50 by Bellemorephoto

Today it is rainy and miserable out. But it wasn't yesterday! Yesterday it was absolutely beautiful outside. Sunny, white puffy clouds, about 72 degrees. Just the perfect day. You don't get very many of them, so when you do, you enjoy them. I enjoyed mine by taking pictures of Carrie and her family. Carrie is friends with Bridget and Jennifer, whose family portraits I also did recently. We took portraits as a present for her parent's anniversary. I thought that was a great idea. Last year, for Christmas, I did photo calendars for all my family members.

The kids were good for the first few group pictures and then they got tired of taking pictures, so we decided to let them play and I took pictures of the adults. By the time I was done uploading the pcitures to my laptop, they had forgotten I was there and I was able to take some good pictures of them sitting with each other. I find that you always get better pictures in a place where kids are comfortable, in this case, Grandma and Grandpa's house. Once they get used to you being there, they settle down and give you some great pictures.

Here's one of the group photos. You'll see the kid's pictures under the Kids Portraits album on my main website.


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